Provides extensions to the leaflet package to customize leaflet legends without adding an outside css file to the output to style legends. The legend extensions allow the user to add images to legends, style the labels of the legend items, change orientation of the legend items, use different symbologies, and style axis ticks. Syntax and style is consistent with the leaflet package.
bcputility is a wrapper for the command line utility program from SQL Server that does bulk imports/exports. For large inserts to SQL Server over an ODBC connection (e.g. with the "DBI" package), writes can take a very long time as each row generates an individual insert statement. The bcp Utility greatly improves performance of large writes by using bulk inserts. Spatial data imports are also supported.
Ecoregion and Biome spatial boundaries datasets for North America, United States, and the world with the map symbology (colors).
Wrapper for computing parameters for univariate distributions using MLE. It creates an object that stores d, p, q, r functions as well as parameters and statistics for diagnostics. Currently supports automated fitting from base and actuar packages. A manually fitting distribution fitting function is included to support directly specifying parameters for any distribution from ancillary packages. The *Fit Distributions* shiny widget allows for interactive use of the package functions.